Thoracic surgery is concerned with any operation carried out on organs in the chest, for example, on the heart or lungs.  Specific examples can include coronary bypass surgery, heart or lung transplant and lobectomy which is a removal of a part of the lung.

Thoracic surgery is sometimes called chest surgery and disease such as cancer or pulmonary disease such as COPD may involve a complete opening of the chest by the surgeon to remove a part or entire lung.

What can go wrong with thoracic surgery? 

As with all surgery, there is some risk involved and specific risks associated with thoracic surgery can include the following:

  • Air leak in one or both lungs
  • Failure of the lungs to expand properly
  • Fluid build-up in the chest cavity that reoccurs
  • Injury caused to the blood vessels
  • Injury caused to the lung or lungs
  • The necessity to insert a chest tube which acts as a drain post-surgery

Thoracic surgery negligence – can you claim?

Should complications arise following thoracic surgery it may well be possible to bring a successful medical negligence case.  There are a number of situations that could arise, for example, if a doctor misdiagnosis your condition which causes a delay in you receiving treatment and consequentially a poorer outcome that could well be considered negligent.  Furthermore, if a misdiagnosis results in incorrect treatment that again could be negligent.  Other situations could arise if the doctor does not inform you properly of the risks of the surgery and you proceed not fully understanding the risks involved and you suffer an adverse outcome.  That could be sufficient grounds for a medical negligence case.

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