Renal cancer is more commonly known as kidney cancer, essentially involves cancerous cells within the linings of very small tubes in the kidney.  The function of these tiny tubes is to filter and clean the blood.  Approximately 700 people are diagnosed with kidney cancer in Ireland each year and is more common in people over 40. It is the twelfth most common cancer reported in Ireland. There are many indications of renal or kidney cancer which can include pain in the lower back, blood in the urine, tiredness, loss of appetite including weight loss and also fever.  Upon presenting at the GP an appropriate referral should usually be made to a urologist who in turn will take a detailed history, patient examination and then arrange various investigations to include a full blood count, liver and renal function tests and a variety of radiological examinations. Various imaging tests can be carried out such as X-ray, CT and MRI examinations which can help visually identify any abnormal growth on the kidney. A biopsy may also be performed which removes a very small sample of cells from the suspect area on the kidney and forward onto a laboratory for analysis.

Treatment can include removal of the kidney altogether (nephrectomy) or a partial removal of the tumour (partial nephrectomy or kidney-sparing) and this type of surgery is usually preferred over complete removal of a kidney wherever possible. Other less radical forms of treatment can include nonsurgical treatment such as freezing the cancer cells and also heating up/burning the cancer cells with a probe that has an electrical current running through it.

For a successful medical negligence claim it would be required to prove that the delay in diagnosing the renal cancer caused the disease to progress and spread where it otherwise may not have.  Typical cases we have seen involve inadequate examination of the person either at presentation to the GP or at referral with a urologist or other consultant, and also failure by the consultant to refer for further investigations, or indeed make mistakes interpreting the investigations.

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