Mesothelioma is a type of cancer which affects the lining cells of various internal organs of the human body and the most common form of mesothelioma affects the membranes which line the lungs.  The overwhelming majority of mesothelioma cases are as a consequence of asbestos exposure and a general onset of symptoms can arise approximately 30 to 50 years after exposure. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibre with each fibre made up of many microscopic ‘fibrils’ which can be released into the air by abrasion.  It was regularly used in building works in Ireland up until the late 1990’s as it has particularly good insulation and fire-proofing qualities.  The three main types of asbestos fibres that were regularly used in Ireland are blue (crocidolite), brown (amosite) and white (chrysotile).  Asbestos was also regularly used for insulating, flooring, roofing, and was also sprayed on walls and ceilings.

Mesothelioma rates in Ireland have increased from 9 reported cases in 1994 to 48 cases per year in 2015 and the incident rates are forecast to continue to increase over the coming years in view of the long latency period between exposure to asbestos and the onset of mesothelioma.  The overwhelming number of persons (85 % of all cases) contracting and sadly dying from mesothelioma in Ireland are male and this would account for the types of occupations that resulted in the exposure to harmful dust, fibres and fumes, such occupations are generally male dominated, such as construction-type work etc. Unfortunately as symptoms of mesothelioma become known, its progress is usually quite quick and sadly prognosis is relatively poor.

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