When people, companies or organisations hold your private and confidential data they are entrusted to keep it completely safe and secure. This is a legal responsibility on them. This means anyone from the smallest business right up to the biggest tech companies such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Your personal data should be physically safe on encrypted and password protected hardware such as laptops and USB sticks and electronically safe from hackers and cyber criminals.

Have you been victim of a Data Protection breach?

You should be told by the person, company or organisation that is responsible for holding your personal and confidential data. They should also inform the Data Protection Commission (DPC) within 72 hours of the breach which is Ireland’s national authority for upholding individuals right to have their personal data protected.

What to do if you have been victim of an electronic Data Protection breach

Consider the data that has been compromised for example your bank account, medical or employment records. You should probably change your passwords. Can you close your accounts and open new ones? Is there anyone else you think might need to be warned?

Data Protection Breach compensation

As a matter of law under GDPR you should be able to claim compensation for your personal and confidential data getting leaked, lost, hacked or otherwise compromised. The amount of compensation will depend on your particular circumstances, the nature of the data and the breach. At a very minimum compensation should be payable for the distress caused to you for the breach.

If you have been victim of a data protection breach, our solicitors can help you pursue a claim for compensation.

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