A truck or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is any truck with a gross weight of 7.5 tonnes and there are approximately 20,000 HGVs operating in Ireland. As trucks are of a significant size and weight the mechanical forces involved with collisions involving trucks can be quite serious. Regardless of who is at fault the damage to other vehicles involved and persons is made all the more severe when a truck is involved.

Reasons for Truck Accidents

The main reasons identified through Road Safety Authority studies show that truck accidents occur because of the following:

  • Poor weather – heavy rain can cause a truck to have a significantly longer stopping distance which can contribute to collisions and also if there is particularly high winds it can cause the truck driver to lose control as the trailer can effectively act as a sail in high gusty winds
  • Tailgating – this is driving too close to the vehicle in front and a truck driver who engages in this is a much greater risk of colliding into the vehicles in front
  • Tiredness – there are regulations on truck drivers as to how long they can drive on the road and they must take required rest breaks. The tachograph and driver card contained in the truck is a digital recording of the hours that the driver has built up. This can be examined if there is an accident
  • Use of mobile phones or electronic devices – this as we all know is very dangerous and all the more so when the driver is a truck driver the margin for error is much less
  • Poor vehicle condition – items like insufficient tyre depth tread can contribute to a collision occurring
  • Overloading – a truck that has overloaded above its permitted weight can cause a driver to lose control

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