Anaesthetics are drugs that prevent a patient feeling pain during medical and surgical procedures. The drug can be taken by inhaling gasses or intravenously (IV) in the arm. There are three broad types of anaesthesia – general, local and regional. With general anaesthesia the patient is effectively ‘knocked out’ and feels nothing. Local anaesthesia is usually injected to numb the area and the patient is awake during the procedure and regional anaesthesia is when a number of parts of the body are numbed and again the patient will be awake and aware what is going on.

Although rare in medical practice patients under general anaesthetic can become aware during surgery but yet cannot move or speak to let the doctors know. These patients may feel pain too. This can arise through ineffective administration of anaesthetic but also ineffective monitoring. For some patients, this may cause long-term mental health problems, such as anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Even more serious consequences can arise if the patient’s spinal cord or nerves are damaged or cut when the anaesthetist is administering an epidural or nerve blocks for example. At best this can cause severe pain but at worst paralysis.

Medical negligence cases can arise where the anaesthesia itself was administered correctly however there was a failure to monitor blood pressure during the medical procedure which lead to a stroke or worse brain damage.

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