Pedestrians as we know are a vulnerable person on the road and sadly the fatality and injury numbers of pedestrians in Ireland is disproportionately high compared to other road user types, approximately 40 pedestrians lose their lives every year in Ireland and these are of course so much more than just statistics and leave behind a trail of grief and devastation for each family.  In the region of 1,000 pedestrians suffer injury each year in Ireland.  A pedestrian being hit by a vehicle can cause quite significant and lifechanging injuries and they can range from children all the way up to elderly and other vulnerable pedestrians.  Injuries can also be suffered when a pedestrian takes evasive action, in other words, jumping out of the way of a moving vehicle.

Why Do Pedestrian Injury Claims Arise?

  • Drivers – if a driver of a vehicle is not paying due care and attention, driving too fast for the conditions, driving intoxicated or perhaps braking red light signals, or even failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing can contribute or cause a pedestrian impact
  • The Local Authority or County Council – the Local Authorities have obligations to ensure that there is sufficient lighting and signage and that the road and pavement are not repaired substandard, if these contribute or cause a pedestrian to suffer injury there should be a successful claim for compensation

Uninsured/Hit and Run

If a pedestrian is collided into by a uninsured driver or driver that fails to remain at the scene of the collision, then a claim may be taken against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) which is a statutory body which steps into the shoes of an insurance company to deal with the compensation claim.

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