Patients with bowel cancer quite often attend with their GP with three main symptoms – blood in the stool (faeces), changes in bowel habit – such as more frequent, looser stools – and abdominal (stomach) pain. Following examination, GPs should refer patients to a specialist bowel surgeon (colorectal surgeon). The bowel surgeon would usually then perform a proctoscopy and sigmoidoscopy which are procedures examine the insides of the rectum, anus, and colon. Investigations are usually then arranged to include a full blood count, liver and renal function tests, chest x-ray and barium enema to highlight the large bowel on x-ray. Lower gastrointestinal endoscopy may then be organised, and biopsies taken of the suspicious area.  Other investigations can also include CT scanning.

Treatment will depend on the stage and site of the tumour. If it is confined to the bowel, surgery will usually be performed. Depending on the type of cancer patients may be offered adjuvant chemotherapy or radiotherapy (with rectal cancer).

Thankfully bowel cancer is quite treatable provided of course it is detected early. We have taken successful medical negligence claims where is became apparent that the delay diagnosing bowel cancer had an adverse or otherwise negative effect on our client’s outcome. It is usually the case that the cancer progressed to more advanced stage than otherwise should have.

Mistakes in diagnosing bowel cancer can therefore be very serious indeed. Bowel cancer misdiagnosis claims may be brought for:

  • Failure to carry out an adequate examination or take an accurate history from the patient
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist bowel (colorectal) surgeon for further investigation thereby causing a delay in diagnosing bowel cancer
  • Error in interpreting the investigations
  • Mistaken diagnosis of bowel cancer

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