A midwife is a healthcare professional who cares for mothers and newborns around childbirth. In Ireland midwives must be registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Board of Ireland and have undergone training up to degree level which includes an internship. It is a legal expectation that your midwife will provide an acceptable and appropriate standard of medical care and should your midwife fail in this duty of care you may have a claim in negligence. Many of the claims we see in this particular area relate to inappropriate CTG monitoring during childbirth. The result of this can be most serious including the baby developing Cerebal Palsy. Other complications can arise in the form of Erb’s Palsy (brachial plexus injury), fractured or broken bones as well as injuries to the mother. The causes of midwife negligence are many and varied and can include lack of training and expertise, failing to monitor properly mother and baby, staff and resource shortages and none of these are acceptable as there are obligations on the HSE and also the private clinics to ensure that their services to patients are carried out as safely as possible.

If you or your baby have suffered harm because of midwife negligence, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation. It is important you seek advice as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. We believe in putting you our client first and we are committed to achieving the best result possible while all the time remaining sensitive to your needs. Please feel free to reach out to us below and will be pleased to discuss your case and offer no obligation advice.

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