Overall, despite an increasing number of vehicles on Irish roads, road traffic fatalities are on the decline, which is very welcome news. Injuries however are relatively high and particularly among vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians.

If you have suffered injury arising from a road traffic collision contact us to see whether you have grounds to bring legal proceedings for your injury suffered and losses incurred.

Some road traffic statistics

There are just under three million vehicles recorded on Irish roads and the majority of these are private cars numbering at approximately 2.2 million. As regards injuries and deaths we have made significant progress in recent years regarding the number of people killed on Irish roads, the more recent figures show approximately 140 people sadly die on our roads each year which thankfully is a decrease on previous years. These of course are so much more than statistics and each death leaves a trail of grief and devastation behind and we are conscious that each one of these deaths is a tragedy for each family.

Recent research reports from the Road Safety Authority indicate to us that in the region of 8,000 people suffer injury each year in Ireland as a consequence of road traffic collisions. The bulk of these comprise car users and the next, not an insignificant number, are pedestrians. Somewhat interesting is the majority (c. 70%) of injury and fatal collisions occur during the daytime with good visibility. The RSA further reports that the majority of fatal and injury collisions occur on two way single carriageway roads and tend to occur at traffic light, stop sign, yield sign intersections.

Types of road traffic accident claims

John McCabe Solicitors are well versed in road traffic collision claims of all different types:

Our road traffic collision claims solicitors are very experienced in the wide range of injury types including whiplash, head injuries and spinal injuries. Take a look at our Serious Injury Page  for more details.

If you have suffered injury in a road traffic collision you may be able to make a claim for compensation. It is important you seek advice as soon as possible to protect your legal rights. We believe in putting you our client first and we are committed to achieving the best result possible while all the time remaining sensitive to your needs. Please feel free to reach out to us below and will be pleased to discuss your case and offer no obligation advice.

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