Data breach is one of the core legal areas we work. Our solicitors take on large company data breaches and individual cases.  If you have had this misfortune to be victim of a group data breach or if your private and confidential data has been mishandled, leaked intentionally or otherwise or misused by any other person or organisation we can help.

We know GDPR inside out and appreciate how a breach of your private and personal information can have on you.  It can cause a whole range of emotions such as anger, anxiety, embarrassment as well as in some circumstances financial loss.

What is a data protection breach?

A data protection breach arises where a person or organisation entrusted with your personal data negligently or intentionally loses or publishes your personal information without your permission.  It could be something as simple as sending an email/ letter to a wrong recipient, disclosing your personal information or leaving a report on you on public transport as well as a hack or cyber-attack of your personal data on the organisation’s computer systems.

Who can make a data protection breach claim?

Any person who has been victim of their personal data breached, lost or misappropriated can make a claim for compensation.  It is important that you contact specialist solicitors who have experience with these type of claims to ensure your legal interests are protected.

The impact of a data protection breach   

Much will depend on the data leaked, lost, stolen or published and on your particular circumstances.  In the majority of cases, it has come to cause a person anxiety, stress, embarrassment and possibly fear depending on what data is breached and who has access to it.  The relatively recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has helped strengthen peoples and organisations obligations that hold your personal data and it also gives you a right to claim compensation when your private and confidential data is misused, lost, leaked or published.

How to make a data protection breach claim

If you have been unfortunate enough to be the victim of a data protection breach you should be in a position to obtain compensation for at the very minimum distress and worry caused by the breach and if there are additional specific losses that you have incurred, you will normally be entitled to recover for those as well.  If the data breach is particularly sensitive and depending on the circumstances, you should be entitled to a greater amount of compensation.  You should contact specialist data protection solicitors to ensure your case is properly assessed and that you obtain the right amount of compensation.

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