People who have suffered personal injury in Ireland will usually want to know how long a personal injury claim will take. While there is no hard and fast rule it can usually take 18 months to perhaps two years from when the claim process is started. There are a whole range of reasons that may cause a personal injury claim to take shorter or longer. Typically if the personal injury is minor it will be shorter and the more serious the longer the claim will take. If the injuries are more severe it will require the input of many different experts from the injured person’s GP to various medical consultants and depending on the financial losses incurred the services of a vocational assessor, accountant and actuary and perhaps an occupational therapist. These reports will all be necessary to document and prove your personal injury and losses when it comes to settlement negotiations or court trial.

Also if there are more than one defendant (wrongdoer) this can slow a personal injury case down as they are separately represented by lawyers and if one defendant for whatever reason does not cooperate it can add time on the case.  If liability which is fault or blame is being denied by the defendant as they are perfectly entitled that can slow a case down as usually then various investigations have to be carried out and usually discovery applications to the court for various potentially relevant documentation such as training records or maintenance logs in cases of workplace injuries.

As personal injury solicitors we understand that the slow rate of progress can be frustrating for people and it is important therefore when choosing a solicitor to handle your personal injury claim that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to progress even the most difficult cases as quickly as possible so you can obtain your compensation and move on with your life.

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